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We employ a combination of nutritional education, effective training principles, and an ability to inspire & motivate

Clients new to working out

Weight loss / body fat loss

Lean muscle mass gain


Rehab from major surgery

Nutritional planning

Weight Loss, Muscle Gain, and Injury Rehab

Helping you meet your goals

Finding motivation can be difficult, especially when it comes to fitness. Turk Fickling is a top personal trainer for the Beaverton, Hillsboro, and Tigard, Oregon areas. With his personalized motivation and extensive knowledge of all types of fitness, Turk can help you gain muscle, lose weight, achieve peak personal fitness or recover from an injury.

About Us

Sharing knowledge, educating and inspiring others to lead a healthy lifestyle is the true drive and passion of our job

We take pride in knowing our clients on a personal level to help educate and motivate each one, showing them that they each have what it takes to break barriers and reveal a power they never thought they had. Our combination of nutritional education, effective training principles, and the ability to inspire others sets us apart from other trainers in the industry, making the journey of living a healthy and fit lifestyle more motivating and fulfilling to our clients.

Come Train with us! We have special COVID 19 preventative measures

Individuals in Beaverton, Hillsboro, and Tigard don’t need to worry about their personal fitness with Turk. He is dedicated to serving locals and helping them achieve their personal fitness goals. Looking to gain muscle mass? Want to lose weight? Need to recover from an injury? Contact Turk for a free consultation today!